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ImpactFest 2023 - meet the impact makers that are shaping the green, clean and inclusive future

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ImpactFest 2023 - meet the impact makers that are shaping the green, clean and inclusive future

ImpactFest 2023 stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the belief that positive change is within our grasp.

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As the curtains rise on ImpactFest 2023, The Hague unites, collaborates, and takes meaningful steps towards building a world where the value of their actions is measured by the positive impact they create. The Hague is the melting pot where a diversity of initiaves come together. On November 7th we celebrate the efforts and successes made throughout the year.


Over the past decade, the impact business community in The Hague has grown into a strong and dynamic force for good. Fast growing scale-ups, startups and established companies, supported by leading incubators and investors, strengthen each other and form a point of attraction for new companies with ambitions to do good while doing business. By bringing together pioneering leaders, organizations and passionate individuals, ImpactFest serves as a catalyst for sustainable innovation, social impact, and a brighter future.

Impact Fest 2023
Please visit ImpactFest 2023 at 7 november!

This year 4 crucial themes will shape the conversation:  

🌍 Energy & Oceans: Unleash the potential of renewable and clean energy and the multiple uses that oceans offer.

🌾 Food & Agriculture: Revolutionise the way we feed the world and cultivate sustainable practices that nourish both people and the planet.

🌬️ Climate Justice: Stand up for a fair distribution of the burdens and benefits of climate action, focusing both on humanitarian innovation and social solutions.

♻️ Circular Economy & Resources: Create a more resilient and resource-rich future, where waste is minimised, resources are maximised, and ecosystems are regenerated.

Among the new entrants to the impact community in The Hague are Byewaste, World's Youth for Climate Justice and Weco, 3 ambitious enterpreneurs to keep an eye on.


Byewaste is filling an important missing link in the circular economy by picking up redundant or broken stuff from people's homes and delivering them to their reuse and recycling partners. They have started their services in a number of selected neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and are steadily increasing their network and impact. Their service rescues among others, electronics, toys, textile and books from the landfill and prevent 38 kg CO2 per pick-up. Byewaste will attend ImpactFest 2023, so make sure to hear them out on their story and ambitions there!

"Our journey to Den Haag was fueled by a desire to immerse ourselves in a thriving impact ecosystem and be captivated by the city's ambitious vision to lead as an impact center on a global scale. Byewaste's mission to democratize the circular economy aligns perfectly with the impact environment, empowering both established and emerging players in the sustainability sector."

Tommaso Troiani, CEO Byewaste
As part of the marine energy community in The Hague, Weco is designing a horizontally oriented wave energy harvester, to complement and balance energy supply from other renewable energy sources such as offshore wind farms. Attracted by the strong impact ecosystem, access to the facilities at the offshore test site and Campus@Sea, Weco’s founders Luc and Cas have found the ideal location for building their solutions at The Hague Tech. 

World's Youth for Climate Justice

Their slogan is 'Bringing the World's Biggest Problem to the World's Highest Court'. And that's what they do. It is widely recognized that the climate crisis is going to have a significant effect on human rights. Climate change has been shown to exacerbate pre-existing inequalities and human rights challenges such as poverty, well-being, wealth inequality, gender relations, and many others. Vulnerable populations are affected by this first and the strongest.

What Rights will be affected by Climate Change?

  1. Many recognised human rights will be affected by climate impacts, such as floods, cyclones and droughts. 

  2. At the same time, many human rights are being violated or are at the threat of being violated when states engage in mitigation measures (i.e. measures responding to the challenge of reducing emissions). 

  3. Thirdly, many human rights are being violated or are at the threat of being violated when adaptation measures have to be taken. If a state has to resettle populations, because their lower-lying islands are already being flooded because of the rising sea levels, and those people are now being moved to higher grounds - these resettlement efforts are part of the governments adaptation strategy. If someone is being taken from their ancestors land, on which they were earning a living, and celebration rituals. festivities and traditional holidays - their rights are actively being violated. This is just one example of many. 

Unite with impact makers worldwide

Join Europe's leading impact event on November 7th!

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