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There is always a story to tell about what is happening in The Hague. As the seat of the Dutch government, the city is in the news almost every day.

Important decisions about the future of the Netherlands are made in The Hague. Also known as the International City of Peace and Justice and a 'City by The Sea'. The developments in The Hague are important to the rest of the world. 

In the city, international organisations, knowledge institutions, startups and companies work together on innovative solutions for a better world, making full use of modern resources like artificial intelligence or other digital technologies. Complex issues are translated into concrete solutions that benefit people. These kinds of developments result in inspiring, touching stories.

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The city gladly connects journalists, members of the press and anyone who is looking to tell a special story about The Hague, to ‘experts’ of the city. Please contact the media department press<<at>>


Our toolkit of free-to-use photos, videos and other resources makes it surprisingly easy to tell an original story about The Hague. Discover here. 

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